Build Your Emergency Fund Now

One of the first things you need to do while getting your financial house in order is to set up and build your emergency fund. Simply put, this is designated to cover for a financial shortfall when unexpected expenses present themselves. Life throws curve balls every now and again – an unexpected job loss, a … [Continue Reading]

Give Thought to Giving (It’s Good For You)

In 2015, I donated exactly $144.10 to charitable causes. Of that, $144 comprised of automated monthly deductions by my employer favoring an NGO I know next to nothing about. The remaining 10 cents went into the Christmas donation box at a nearby Subway outlet. By most accounts, this record of giving is quite simply, pathetic. Sadly this is in line with the trend … [Continue Reading]

The Most Important Rule Of Personal Finance (And 12 Tips To Spend Less)

Spend less than you earn. There is no other rule that comes close in terms of importance. How successful we are financially, comes down to long-term success on this parameter alone. Charles Dickens once wrote: “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, … [Continue Reading]

Location, Location, Location

Where will you retire? In any retirement journey (and more so in the case of an unconventional one as is planned in my case), the destination is important – and in this case, I mean the location. Where you chose to live will have a great impact on your cost of living (and as a … [Continue Reading]

We All Need To Start Somewhere

Hi and welcome to Thanks for dropping by! Over the last four or five years, I’ve often felt the need to scale back, simplify and declutter many aspects of my life and devote more time to family and to pursuits that give me the most joy and calm. Succeeding in this endeavor will naturally … [Continue Reading]