Living The Dream: Experiences From The Trenches

I had the good fortune of meeting a visiting friend’s parents recently. I understood from him that his father had retired from active work at the age of 50  some years ago and now spent his time ‘consulting’ and mentoring fledgling businesses. I asked if I could get in touch and ask him a few questions … [Continue Reading]

3 Great Videos To Watch This May Day Weekend

The May Day weekend is upon us, and here are some fantastic videos to watch over the long weekend. I hope you use this time to relax, refresh yourselves and spend some quality time doing things that matter to you. #1 You’re Spending Too Much by Jordan Cox Your savings are key to your financial … [Continue Reading]

Drawing Up Your Own Personal Financial Statements (And Why Your Net Worth Is Important)

If early financial freedom is a goal you hold dear, then knowing where your money comes from and where it goes, and recording this diligently, should be something of a second nature to you. However, for most, correctly recording their incomes, expenses, savings, investments, returns and net worth is something that is done haphazardly at … [Continue Reading]

Passive Income Streams: The Building Blocks Of Financial Independence

As you progress towards financial independence, or not having to rely on regular active employment income any more, you will realise the need to build alternate income streams to replace your employment income. These income streams are called passive income streams. Passive income includes regular earnings from a source other than your employer. A passive income … [Continue Reading]

On Happiness (The Making Of A Good Life)

This post is not specifically about saving, investing or retirement. It is a TED talk on purpose, happiness and on what makes a good and fulfilling life in the end. The Harvard Grant Study is about a long-standing and insightful view into human life and psychology which analysed the lives of 268 male Harvard undergraduates … [Continue Reading]