3 Great Videos To Watch This May Day Weekend

The May Day weekend is upon us, and here are some fantastic videos to watch over the long weekend.

I hope you use this time to relax, refresh yourselves and spend some quality time doing things that matter to you.

#1 You’re Spending Too Much by Jordan Cox

Your savings are key to your financial future. Incomes are often fixed, but there are many things within your control that you can do to reduce expenses and increase your savings. However, success will come only through discipline and resilience. And by not caring about what other people think. Jordan Cox appears young in years, but has clearly figured out the power and value of saving money. He enumerates numerous ways of ensuring that you’re left with more money at the end of the month.

#2 Retiring Early: The Shockingly Simple Math by Phil Ebiner

This is a great video which, in less than 5 minutes, encapsulates most of what I have been writing about on this website. Retiring early is a reality that all of us can make possible. It isn’t easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

#3 The Surprising Way To Teach Your Kids To Be Smart with Money by Ellen Rogin

Do you talk to your children about money? What money behaviors do you want to see in your kids as they grow up? An interesting talk about money and your kids. Focusing on allowance and financial concepts to teach kids to be smart with money is a great start. But, Ellen believes that if this is all we focus on, we miss the opportunity to ensure our kids grow into prosperous adults. Listen to this surprisingly simple system anyone can implement to nurture a child’s prosperity right away. Gratitude, she says, is a great place to start.


I hope you enjoy these videos. And the long weekend. 

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