Update On 2017’s Financial Goals

It has been a few months since I spoke about my financial goals for 2017. There were a number of things I wanted to accomplish, including a double digit increase in net worth. Tracking progress is key to accomplishment of these goals and I wanted to do a post on how I’ve been getting along … [Continue Reading]

Living The Dream: Experiences From The Trenches

I had the good fortune of meeting a visiting friend’s parents recently. I understood from him that his father had retired from active work at the age of 50  some years ago and now spent his time ‘consulting’ and mentoring fledgling businesses. I asked if I could get in touch and ask him a few questions … [Continue Reading]

3 Great Videos To Watch This May Day Weekend

The May Day weekend is upon us, and here are some fantastic videos to watch over the long weekend. I hope you use this time to relax, refresh yourselves and spend some quality time doing things that matter to you. #1 You’re Spending Too Much by Jordan Cox Your savings are key to your financial … [Continue Reading]

My Financial Goals For 2017 (And Why Most Resolutions Fail)

At the outset I must confess that I have had limited success with goals and goal-setting so far. At the start of every year, I enthusiastically set many goals for myself. The goal setting process is great fun, but it is generally all southward there on. It is miraculous how many excuses I have managed to … [Continue Reading]

Introducing Stoicism (And 4 Personal Finance Lessons We Can Learn From The Stoics)

Stoicism is a school of philosophy that flourished throughout the ancient Roman empire up until the 3rd century AD. Its practitioners included the great politician and court strategist Seneca, the slave Epictetus (who rose to great prominence despite his origins) and the most powerful man of his time, the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. Stoicism is predominantly a philosophy of personal ethics … [Continue Reading]